Wednesday, November 07, 2007

San Diego on Fire

I haven't written much if at all on here about my mission. Not because I don't like to talk about my mission-in fact I absolutely LOVED my mission. I learned so much about others and about myself. I also fell in love with San Diego (this is not hard).

Lately San Diego has been on my mind and heart as it was burning out of control. People were evacuated from their homes, waiting where ever they could find places, and wondering if they would have a home to come back to. I thought of all my "families", my "areas, my "temple", my "Mormon Battalion Visitors Center." They were all weighing heavily on my heart.

I think in part I was reminded of 15 years ago when my best friends house burned to the ground and I was states away from her and coudn't do anything. She had to move to a apt. for a while until they could rebuild her home. She lost everything. It was devastating. Eventually they did get to go back "home" and they rebuilt their lives.

Also it reminded me of when the seminary building where my Dad taught, across from my hgih school, was burned to the ground. This was a hate crime. It was hard to realize that people have that much hate. Here again, we rebuilt, and this time we got a nice building and we strenthend our testimonies.

I know that San Diego will regrow, rebuild, and start again but today my heart and prayers go out to those who have to do that. To those who lost everything-you are on my mind and in my heart today.


John K. said...


I worry about SD also. My Sister lives there now, so that was my main concern.

But I just know that some places I was in got nailed...I'm just afraid to to look.

Heather said...

Wow, those pictures are heartbreaking.

I didn't know you served your mission there! My little brother is serving there right now. :)