Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

I thought that for your birthday I would share a list of qualities that I love about you and how these qualities are manifest in your hubby & kidlets. You have left a distinct trace of your beauty, talents, desires, personality, faith, love, and all that is you in your family.
Smarty Pants
You helped inspired Chelsea and I to graduate from college. You set the example that graduating from college is important-even if you have to do it with 2 children. So now you have 2 college graduates, 1 college student that has just finished her Master's degree and is working on her PhD. , 1 working kid who plans to go back to school to get her Master's degree, and one husband (through your dedication) who not only got his Master's degree but went on to get his PhD. Mom thanks for your love and appreciation of education and for inspiring us to go out and learn about life!

The man of your dreams

You lucked out and happen to marry that most amazing man ever (but this blog isn't about you dad)! I venture to say that Dad is the man he is today, in part, because of you! Mom you have been one incredible wife! You have always supported Dad in all that he does. All those nights he went jogging so he could run his marathons, all the times the family had to move for education or professional pursuits, and all the time you sacrificed away from Dad so he could be with other families in his church capacities. There is so much more but I want you to know that your relationship with Dad is inspiring to me and many others!

Book Worm

I may have gotten my love for writing from Dad but I got my love of reading and words from you. You are my wordsmith. You seem to know just about every word there is, how to spell, it and what it means. My love for reading started at a young age when you would read to me. This love of reading and words became my major in college and is still a big part of who I am. I believe there are a few more things about me that come from you or are inspired by you but I have a hard time separating me from you and at any one point. Love ya mom!

Don't Settle for less

Mom, you have always inspired us to dream big dreams, to accomplish our goals, and to never settle for less than we deserve. Chelsea is the perfect example of this. With her will to be educated, her desire to go to Africa, and her choice in a wonderful loving husband, she has listen to you, and embodied this mantra! She is fiercely independent, strong, powerful, loving, smart, and she continues to learn from you what it truly means to be a woman today.

Hugs & Kisses

Though Grant could be rowdy, obnoxious, and into everything and everyone's business--he also had a heart of gold. I remember many times he would be angry at me and then minutes later he would sit next to me and hug me. He would love to just be with his sisters, hold their hands, sit next to them, hug them (hit them), and even snuggle up next to them. Mom Granty got that from you. Grant fought to live when he was born, the struggled while he was alive, and he was only with us for a little while. It was your strength, wisdom, courage, love, honestly, and devotion through the thick and thin has been and continues to inspire all who know you.

" Traditions...traditions" ( think Fiddler on the Roof)

Whether they were dad's family or your family--you filled up our home and lives with traditions. Danielle loves these traditions and just the other day was reciting to me a bunch of the family traditions that she treasures. I don't know if Kevin knows what he's in for with carrying on those cherished traditions. Mom you have always been the one encouraging us to go pursue our dreams but you are also the first one to want us all back at home with you together. Danielle exemplifies this as the middle child. She loves to be surrounded by her family (though she might not readily admit this). I think it's going to be a struggle for all our in laws to realize that we Shields have our traditions!

Little Miss Black Book

You knew it would happen eventually. With 6 girls you knew that at least one of them would be like you were as a girl-boy crazy! I hear it told that in high school and college you were the dating queen and had to swat the boys a way (heaven knows why I didn't get that part of you??). Well Kaitlin has clinched that spot by having her first kiss first (well, so far), having boyfriend(s) in high school, and for running up your cell phone and text messages.

Express Yourself

I remember you singing in the kitchen, in public, or where ever your heart desired. We'd say stop and get embarrassed but you'd say, "You don't want an ordinary mom do you?" Well, mom as a result you don't have any "ordinary" kids! Alexa exemplifies your freedom to express how you feel. You've never been one to hold back. You get what you see and people love you for that.

Wild Child

I know you have spent the better half of you life trying to fool everyone into believing that you didn't have a wild side--but the truth in manifest in Clay! We all know you didn't do anything to crazy and wild in your past, but mom--you did ( and still do) have a wild side. Clay is spitfire and full of wild child but he also can be very complimentary and sweet. Besides we got to give him credit for being surrounded by girls, girls, and more girls all the time. It's no wonder he's a bit on the wild side!

Mary & Martha

Camryn is mom's little helper. She is Martha in that she helps with dishes, does her homework, practices her piano, and does what mom and dad say. She is Mary because takes the time to pray, to write letters to her sisters far away, to say she loves you, and to do so many little things that matter so much. She, like you mom, is both Mary & Martha. You take the time for the things that matter (even if they don't seem to make a difference at the time): FHE, Family scripture study, family prayers, family reunions, watching family videos. You also do the things that a mom does-the practical, needs to get done stuff: driving kids every which way, making food all day long, laundry, cleaning, and so much more!

Family....isn't it about time!

Can you believe that you had all these kids?? Can you believe that they are all growing up, graduating from college, getting married, accomplishing their dreams, staying close to the Lord, and still bugging you. Can you believe that you are done being pregnant (I think 6 years is long enough), that all your kids are gone during the majority of the day, that you only have half the bunch now living at home, and that you have 2 new sons. Can you believe that you have 4 returned missionaries, 8 temple worthy members, a son who holds the Aaronic priesthood, a husband and 2 sons-in-law who hold the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood, a son preaching the gospel in the spirit world, and a life time of memories still to come. Thanks mom for being a part of all of our lives!

Here is a special poem for you.
I love you Mommy!
The first born in the wilderness, Kylee

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