Monday, December 31, 2007


Some of the happenings in my life (not particular order) in 2007:
  • I had 5 roommates
  • 2 of those roommates got married (since I've moved to Boston I've had 4 roommates get married, 1 roommate work on the Mitt Romney Campaign, and 1 roommate go on a mission)
  • My sister Danielle got married and I gained a new Brother-in-Law, Kevin Tvetan
  • I worked 3 different full time jobs
  • I got a car
  • I applied to multiple Grad Schools
  • I started teaching early morning seminary
  • I've had 2 church callings
  • I taught a 6 week beginning ASL class
  • I directed a musical fireside, "Come Unto Christ"
  • I managed to stay in my house but I changed rooms
  • I continued to figure out my life
  • I enjoyed Boston to the utmost
  • I didn't date enough but I made lots of wonderful friends
  • I made (booked the tour) a dream come true...almost (Italy in February)
  • I ate too much food, didn't play enough piano, and didn't get married (ha ha)
  • But BYU did great in both football & basketball, the Red Sox won the World Series, and the Pats & Celts are doing well
  • I loved a lot, I lived life, I made lots of new friends, said goodbye to old friends, explored New England, went to lots of dances, had a great time at the Education Conference, and have even been able to use my ASL interpreting skills
  • Saw Natalie's hair change from Blonde to Red
  • Spend New Year's Eve with my BFF (Michael Sackett) in NYC
  • I organized a huge appreciation event for AFC
  • Got to see Dad run the Boston Marathon
  • Went surfing
  • Read a lot of great books
  • Fell out of a canoe--fully clothed
  • Saw Nickel Creek perform in Boston live
  • Went to a few Red Sox games
  • I had toe surgery
  • I climbed a very very tall tree
  • I learned how Violin's are made
  • People that visited me: Joey & Savannah, Sarah, Annalee, and Mom & Dad
  • States I went to: UT, AZ, CA, ME, NY, NH, and VT
2007 was a great year for me and I'm looking forward to 2008!

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Sasha said...

Yoiure dad ran the Boston Marathon? that's cool. Hope you had a good year and a great '08!

Sasha :)