Monday, December 03, 2007

15 minute rule

I know that there's some unofficial rule that if you go to a class and the teacher doesn't show up for 15 mintutes or something you can leave the class.

So what happens when you are the teacher and all but 1 of your student don't show up?

I waited until 6:30 am (well past the 15 minute rule) to cancel class. In the meantime I talked to my student and her mom who had come to class the morning for Seminary from Woburn.

Who knew the snow would scare everyone away--certainly not me.


Sasha said...

It reminds me of the sheep parable, except a little different. awww

Don said...

Yes, well I have noticed that the East Coasters cancel school after an inch of snow fall. :) Utah, however, requires a little more...

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John K. said...

Where I grew up in New England it took an act of God to cancel school. We needed more than a foot of snow. It just hardly ever happened.