Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rock the Vote

I just voted. I am very aware that the very short walk around the corner of my house to the nearby grade school where I cast my vote was anything but simple. True, it didn't take much for me, I registered to vote, I walked around the corner, I got a ballot, filled in my bubble, and walked away. It wasn't always that easy and it certainly wasn't always this way.

This year I decided that I would do something different as far as my awareness in politics. I decided that I would become much more aware of the issues, of what people were talking and debating about, but more importantly how I feel about certain topics. In the past I was more likely to just walk away from any political debate than argue my opinion. I think it was more because I didn't know my opinion than that I didn't like politics. And so with my Make it Happen motto in mind I decided I would change that. I would get involved, I would study the issues, and I would cast my vote!

I was amazed at what a sense of accomplishment this vote has become for me personally. As I was voting I couldn't help but be grateful for the Susan B. Anthony's of the world and for all the women who wouldn't give up their right to have a say in the world that surrounded them. I am very grateful for my right to vote and for the 19th Amendment!

And so in little ol' Watertown, MA I cast my vote for President, I raised my voice, I have become a part of the Democracy, the voice of the people, and I am forever indebted and grateful for all those who came before me that allowed me to have this opportunity!

Today I rocked the vote!


Tanya Dow said...

Kylee Shields! This is Tanya Holwege (I know, a name from the distant past!). I came across Chelsea's blog through Tiffany's blog and then found yours. It's fun to see what people from long ago are doing now. My blog is dow-fam.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you voted!!!! Can't wait til this Fall!