Thursday, January 31, 2008

2 Year Anniversary!

~January 31, 2008~

Happy Birthday Blog

It's amazing all that has happened in my life since my first day in Boston until now! Last year on my 1 year Blog anniversary I summed up a great year and following that year was another fantastic year.

As for how I did this year according to this quote last year,
"I will go to Italy, I am determined to do the Lord's will, and I will be happy doing whatever it is I'm doing. I will laugh, I will love, and I will make sure everyone around me knows I love life. I will do all this and more... here's to one more fantastic year!"
  • I didn't actually make it to Italy in 2007 but I made all the arraignments, paid for it, and planned it all in 2007 (though technically I will be going in 16 days and that is 2008)! So Close enough.
  • Who knew that I would start teaching early morning seminary this school year. Though it is difficult some mornings (okay who am I kidding every morning) to get up--my students and teaching the Old Testament has been and continues to be my saving grace!
  • As for the happy part, I'd say that there's been some rough patches but all in all I love my life!
  • I laughed a lot, loved a lot, hope people know I love them, and truly took advantage of being single and living in Boston!
Many more of my friends got married, many more had kids, I started and finished a wonderful job, and I learned a whole lot about myself this past year. Here are just a few highlights of my 2nd year having this blog:

And so it has been another memory filled, exhaustingly exciting, and fully lived year! I look forward to some stability this next year, to buying a car, spending Christmas in Ghana, falling in love, making more dreams come true, and diligently building the kingdom!

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Nathan said...

Hey Kylee Shields! I saw your comment on my blog and have seen your comments on Facebook, sorry I am just now getting to you...

So GREAT to hear from you! Boston, eh?
And yes, we are close.... when are you coming to the city? We should get together...

Have a great time in Italy. Sounds exciting. Make sure you blog about it 'cause I'll be coming back!