Thursday, June 12, 2008


You know those friends who make you smile
Take you back w/such ease & grace
They know your ways-they know your style
Know when to pry and when to give space

And although you're all grown up & such
Travelled different paths along the way
You find you can talk about so much
With never a lack of things to say

It's crazy how much you let down your guard
How much your maturity melts away
How great it feels to laugh that hard
At the end of such a wonderful day

And just as quickly as you've assembled there
Life comes barrelling in & you're on your way
So you say your goodbyes & that you care
All the while wishing that you could all stay

And as you leave w/ a smile on your face
You feel grateful for love like this
And know you'll meet again in another place
Once again as friends to reminisce

6/6/08 Kylee Shields

* we got a little bit carried away w/the picture taking--it had been a long time!

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Ari said...

Look, awesome EFY counselors! :D Love the pics!