Friday, June 20, 2008

Heart & Soul

If you look 3 posts earlier in my blog you will see my Best Friend Kimberlee Ann & her husband Ryan. They both look healthy and happy. A week after I took this picture Kim had major complications due to her battle with Crone's disease.

Early Sunday morning she had an emergency surgery where they removed part of her small intestine and flushed our her system that was thronged with infection.  She was taken to the ICU without them closing he up--she needed to have another major surgery in a few days when her infection subsided.

This is where I entered the picture. Her amazing husband let me stay that first night with her in the ICU. My heart was breaking to see her covered in a gazillion IV's, a PIC line, a breathing tube, a respirator, and so much more!  i couldn't believe that just a week earlier she seemed to be doing so well.

For those of you who don't know- Kim is my oldest and dearest friend. We met when we were about 4 years old and have been BFF's since. In some ways you couldn't find two more different people then her and I. In other ways we are kindred spirits.

Sitting in her ICU room all night, and being with her in that situation really made me think about life! There are so many things I take for granted, so many things left unsaid, so many lessons to be learned. It's amazing how something like this put things into perspective!

Thankfully she is doing very well now and out of the ICU after her second surgery went really well. She doesn't remember anything about the past few days (probably a blessing) but I will never forget her kindness to everyone!

Thank you so much to my family & others who have been praying for her.  Thank you Ryan for letting me take some of your time away from your wife. Thanks Karen for all the updates and support! I love you all so much.

And since Kim, my #1 blog fan, will hopefully be reading this soon I love you so much! I don't tell you or show you enough.  You scared me there for a bit but you are such a strong fighter!   Don't you worry friend, the Lord knows the desires of your heart! In the meantime get better so we can play again soon!

Love you with all my Heart &  Soul


Chelsea said...

That is SO sad. When will this family get a break.

Ryan and Kim said...

Kylee, you are the most amazing person. I will forever remember and be grateful for all of your love and care during this tough time in my life. I love you always!

Check out my new blog...staying home recovering has given me time to get this going finally!