Friday, June 20, 2008

"Say What You Need To Say"

There's just a few things I need to say:
  • i love breaking through the boxes people put me in
  • yes I have wanderlust and I love it
  • it is possible to be single and very happy
  • i just might melt in Arizona
  • Peggy you inspire me
  • has it really been 10 years since I graduated from high school
  • W & C you both were unexpected and much needed in my life
  • does anyone else (besides you Marie) have story plots going on in their head non stop
  • who needs an ipod when they have music constantly running though their minds
  • seth there is more for you-let go
  • bittie--a person that is very young and small (my current singles ward is full of them)
  • boston sports rock
  • thanks for listening to me Amy S--I hope things are better
  • being a "mom" of three kids is amazing, fun, and rewarding
  • being a "mom" of three kids is a lot of work, tiring, and unthankful
  • i hate being in debt
  • i have a deep fear of ambulances
  • i miss my brother Grant at random times
  • Ju-Ju-Bee you will love Provo
  • is it possible to love too much
  • the idea of one big decision at a time has saved my life the past 5 months
  • I love knowing what, where, when, and how i will be living my life for the next year
  • I may be behind on most things techy but I was an "early adopter" with blogs
  • to the 10 people who got my "special" letters I think you would be proud of my changes
  • Tash I will find a way to thank you for everthing
  • to my friends I didn't spend enough time with--I am sorry
  • to my friends who got too much time with me--I am sorry--ha ha
  • Nat I am proud of your Celtics loyalty
  • i miss Walden Pond, the trees in VT, the Old North Bridge, the Charles, Boston summers
  • Timothy I won't give up on you--make it happen
  • yes SYTYCD is my favorite summer show
  • i need much more Kirsti in my life
  • I may not say it out loud very often but in heart I want to be a mom
  • i love diet coke
  • I will never tire of you Jessica
  • I really miss you Kris & Daniel--I know I need to less talk more do
  • i will learn to play the guitar if it kills me
  • I hate lists of "things you want in a husband etc"
  • I love my "make it happen" list
  • Sister i am still planning to see you in Africa--with or without the fam
  • Mommy don't worry you are doing a wonderful job
  • do you all know how proud i am of my sister chelsea
  • parents some day i will get it together
  • Danielle find some of your passions and live them fully
  • thanks for supporting my dreams
  • to the guy in my new ward who sat by me when nobody else did--you made my day
  • what exactly do you people mean when you say that i am "too much"
  • what is wrong with the single guys in my propinquity--i am a catch--ha ha
  • Rachel c you win the prize for making me laugh out loud
  • KEP you are amazing and i love your mix cd's
  • to the cute guy at Enterprise Rental in Orem--are you single--want to go out
  • James Eliot Brown &  Emily Rose Brown---where did you go
  • i'm not sure if singles wards are doing what they intended to do
  • to my new HT thanks for not making me feel so "old"
  • thanks grams for letting me crash at your house
  • consistency is a great feeling
  • to my NorthStar friends I've been MIA and I apologize
  • Michael Adam i am so sorry
  • i am afraid sometimes to want what I don't have for fear of being ungrateful for what I do have
  • the longer I  live the more I desire to surround myself with people who have kigatsuku
I you haven't heard the song, "Say" by John Mayer--the reference of this blog title-you should really check it out! Also the movie, "The Bucket List" is the only movie John Mayer has written a song for to this point in his career. It is a fantastic movie!

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daniel said...

We miss you too, Kylee!

Daniel and Kris