Friday, July 18, 2008

Planning for Ghana

Jessica, Mike, Chelsea--Me (not pictured), Marcus, & Natalie.

Since Chelse & Mike were in town before they took off for their European trip and then move to Ghana--we decided to have a little Ghana planning meeting. There are a few more of us that will be going to Ghana (right Sagers, Erica, & Briton??) but they couldn't all make the meeting.

We are all planning to meet Chels & Mike in Ghana in January (yes we are planning 6 mo ahead of time--there is a lot to do). We had a great time talking about what we needed to bring, what we wanted to get donated, what we had to do to prepare, and so forth.

I made a site--will post more later about this--for people to donate to our cause, we talked to Chelsea about getting Visa's, shots, what to pack, etc., and we all got excited about our adventures in Africa to come.

Then we went to SLC to meet with a good friend of Chelsea's, Oko(one of his many names), from Ghana. There he continued to tell us about Ghana.

Kylee, Oko, & Chelsea

Here we all are with Oko talking to him about the do's & don't in Ghana.

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