Monday, July 07, 2008

Family, Food, & Fireworks

Instead of a bunch of pictures throughout this post I made a video of all of them put together at the end of this post!

I had a great time in California w/ my entire family!
Here is a quick rundown:

My mom & sister, Camryn, came and picked me up at the SFO airport (cheaper to fly in here than in Sacramento). It was late when I got home so I just went to bed. 

Most of Wednesday was spend just hanging out with the family. A bunch of us went to "Hancock" the movie--it was good. Then we just played around and had a really chill night!

I have been looking forward to going to Quintet for a few years now--ever since my dad & brother went and loved it. So today we all got up really early, packed our stuff up, made lunches, packed water for the hike, and loaded into our 12 seater van.  We headed to Quintet, CA to enjoy a day at the University Falls.  The hike up wasn't too bad and it was a glorious day for a swim. It was great to go down the rock slides. We took some great pictures of my family going down one rock slide all together, of us jumping off this ledge all together, and so forth. We even got my mom to go down a few of the rock slides on her stomach! We had a lot of fun and I recommend this to anyone who is around the area!

Happy Independence Day!  Today we woke up early and got ready for the day. We made sandwiches and  headed for New Hogan Lake. This is where my family has been going to celebrate 4th of July for years. I went jet skiing for a while and had a blast.

That night we went over to friends of my family. The Kidd's house was huge and great! We ate food, we watched a little "Planet Earth", and of course we had fireworks! I didn't know but I guess they have this crazy tradition of having Roman Candle Wars. This is where the teenagers each get a Roman Candle and they light them all at the same time and then just ran around in the dark like crazy trying to hit each other. Seriously though--it is hilarious to watch but crazy. One of the kids ended up bleeding from being hit! I got a short video of some of our illegal fireworks display:

My mom made these delicious homemade scones w/the works as toppings. Then My family sat down to watch old family home videos (this has become a family tradition for FHE since I moved away). It was so fun to look back on the past, to laugh our faces off, to see my little brother Grant again, and to just spend time all together!

That night (way too quick of a trip) my dad drove me back to San Francisco to fly back to Utah. the trip was too short but it was great to be with my family! All in all I think it was a fantastic Family Reunion!

Here's the Roman Candle Wars Clip:

And here is an iVideo (my first) that I made of my trip:


Jamie Harper said...

Sounds like alot of fun, although we did miss you here! Glad you are back! Will I see you tonight at Mary Ann and my shower? I it at 7 at my aunt Vickie's in PG if you forgot! Love to see you soon!

Steph said...

University Falls is the most awesome place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad you had a good time!

ju said...

looks like you had a great time with your *giant* family! ;)

boston 4th is awesome, but in my eyes, family time beats it any year.

bj said...

Hey Kylee,

Long time no see. I'm amazed how many people I know by looking through your list of blogs. Some random ones too... like Johnny Hanna is a coworker of mine. And a lot of people from high school. I'm just barely starting to get back in touch with everyone. (I found your blog on the High School Reunion blog, thanks for posting it!)

Kirsti said...

I miss you too! I hope to see you next month ;) I'll let you know.