Friday, July 18, 2008

The Strayer Adventures

Chelsea's life in a bag for 1 year!

My sister Chelsea and her husband Mike are off for some amazing adventures before they settle in Ghana for a year. Here is there tentative schedule:

July 16th-19th: Trieste, Italy and the coast of Slovenia

July 20th-27th: 7-day Mediterranean cruise: Italy, Greece, and Croatia

July 27th-29th: Venice, Vernona, Milan

July 30th-31th: Cinque Terre

August 1st-5th: Interlocken, Lucern, Bern, and Zurich Switzerland

August 5th-8th: South of France

August 9th-13th: Spain

August 13th-Summer 2009: GHANA!

Mike's life in a bag for 1 year!

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