Friday, August 22, 2008

from "God's University" to the Devil's

I thought it might be fun for you to see my new room and house where I live in Mesa, AZ.  

Well I am officially a Sun Devil and it is wicked hot here in Arizona--but since I am inside most of the time I'm mostly okay! Below is the schedule that I'm getting used to!

Mondays & Tuesdays I work at my internship at Arizona Children's Association working in the Therapeutic Foster Care division.

5:30 am        wake up
6:00 am        drive to ASU Tempe Campus & park at the LDS Institute 
6:30 am        attend my "Principles of Leadership (religion class)
7:25 am         walk across campus to free intercampus shuttle
8:15 am         arrive at ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus (where I have my classes)
9:40 am-12:30 pm     social work class
12:30 pm                      lunch
2:00-4:50 pm              social work class
5:30-6:30                      Cardio Kickboxing (free class at the YMCA across the street)

same morning routine
6:30 am                      attend my "Book of Mormon" (religion) class
7:25 am                       catch shuttle
9:00 am-11:50 am     social work class
12:00  pm                    lunch
1:30-4:50 pm              social work class
5:00-6:00 pm             Body Sculpt (free class at the YMCA across the street)

Being an ASU student come with some perks. The buses,soon the light rail, and the YMCA are free for students. 

Free Fridays!!!


Katasha Lyn said...

Kylee your place is so nice! Hooray for laundry rooms with the washer and dryer in the same place! ha! I love the west :) I'm glad you have such a great set up. You're going to love it out there!

Ryan and Kim said...

The place looks awesome and the schedule sounds busy...but fun. I YMCA classes sound great. I should join a Kickboxing class. I miss having you in Utah, but I am glad that you are doing well!