Friday, August 22, 2008

Weddings & Family

Wedding #1:  Kasey Holt & Tyler Ahlstrom

I was very happy to see my family this weekend! They decided to come to UT because they had 2 weddings to attend. One wedding on my dad's side of the family (his sister Julie's son, Tyler, was getting married) and one on my mom's side of the family (her brother Dirk's daughter, Stacey, was getting married.

It was very special and important for my family to be at Tyler's wedding. Tyler and my brother Grant were best friends when they were little. Even though I am very happy for Tyler in his life it has always been hard for me when he hits those defining moments in him life. When he served his mission, when he was dating, and now that he was getting married. He reminds me of the things I am mission in my life without Grant.

Their sealing was beautiful and I was doing great but then Mom, Dad & were talking about if Grant was at the wedding and I started to cry. Part in happiness for Tyler & Kasey and part because I miss Grant!

Clay & Camryn at the luncheon before the wedding.

My beauty sisters, Kaitlin & Alexa.

Here I am with newborn Dayton Ryan Ahlstrom. He is the first born of Ryan & Maryann Alstrom ( Tyler's brother).

Here's my beautiful mommy with Shields family.

(L-R): Melinda, Ali, Shane, Carly, & Kati.

We has a few hours between the luncheon and the wedding in Logan so we all decided to go hang out at a local park--that happen to have a Zoo.

Here's Dad & Clay. Dad and his famous hanky hat so that his bald head doesn't burn.

My amazing family!  It was so great to be with them even though it was WAY too short!

Here I am w/ my sweet cousin Timothy, who I wrote about before on this blog. He has HLHS
but is doing really well. He is gift to everyone around him. This summer Timothy & I really bonded and it will be very sad to not see him as much when I move to Arizona!

Wedding number 2:  Stacey Brinkerhoff & Pierce Thiot

Through the years my family hasn't been able to see much of my mom's family.  Most of them live in Texas. So it was really great that my family could come out to Stacey's wedding and we could all be together!

Back Row (L-R): Scott, Dirk (my mom's brother), Dain, & Sandra. Middle Row (L-R): Katie, Jordon, & Me. Front Row: Pierce Thiot, Stacey's fiance.

Pierce's family threw a big family dinner the night before his and Stacey's wedding. It was Olympics themed and it was awesome!
Congrats Stacey & Pierce Thiot!  Their wedding was beautiful and it was so great to be with family and cousins I don't get to see very often!

I don't get to see my Brinkerhoff cousins nearly enough!  Here I am with Dain (R), his wife and kids are in Texas, and Scott (L), who also has a wife and kids in Texas!

Back Row (L-R): Scott, Katey, Dain, Kaitlin, Alexa.  Front Row (L-R): Danielle, Clay, Kylee, and Jordon.  Here we are outside the SLC Temple waiting to take a family pictures for Stacey & Pierce.

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Kelsey said...

Wow!! I can't even believe how much Katie and Ali have grown up since moving away from Orem. I can remember when you were away at school and we would go rollerblading. Good times. I miss all of you so very much. You have an amazing family Kylie!