Friday, August 22, 2008

Time To Play Catch Up!

Here is Erica Shields & Isaac Workman

Before I moved away I thought it would be fun for my my cousins, Jessica, JC, & Erica to got a big group date w/ me. So I went with John Kane (friend from the mission), I set up JC w/ Heather Barton, I set up Erica w/ Isaac Workman, and Jessica came w/ a friend. 

We decided to go to the Utah County Fair and had a great time. After the fair we all went ice blocking up Provo Canyon (talk about memories)!

Here is John Kane & I. This ride, "The Zipper" was insane!

Here is Heather Barton & JC Shields

Here is Heather Barton , a cow, & Isaac Workman (my summer BFF and new little brother).  We were all in the 7th Ward together. 

Although my ward in Provo (Pleasant View 7th Ward) started out a little rocky I grew to love it and the people I met in that ward.  Jonathan Barton & his sister, Heather, became great friends quickly over the summer!

(L-R) Kelly, Stacey, & Kylee. It was great to be in Utah for my cousin Stacey's bridal shower. Kelly threw a beautiful shower and it was great to be with family and friends.

Here I am with John's niece & nephew

A dear friend of mine from Boston, John Henry, took me to see his ranch and then to a wonderful jazz concert at Snow College. The jazz band was from Julliard and they were amazing! those of you who know me know I LOVE jazz!  It was wonderful to spend time with John!

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