Friday, September 12, 2008

Smiling Tears

Sometimes I think that change is hard. Like in my title that are some things in life, some changes you make, that you want to have happen but they are sad. Thus, smiling tears. 

 I wrote a poem years ago called, "Smiling Tears" when I was getting ready to leave for my LDS mission. I had wanted to go on a mission since I was 10 so after and 11 year wait I couldn't go soon enough. With most of my guy friends on missions, my two best friends on their mission in Russia, and my call to serve in San Diego  in hand, I was more than excited to begin that journey. At the same time I knew what I was leaving behind. I would be leaving behind my family, my music, and my friends.  My little sister was very young only 4 and turned 5 while I was in the MTC. By the time I got home she had changed so much.  My mission was a big change in my life that I really wanted but it was a smiling tears moment.

In my life, as with most people, there are many significant smiling tears moment. Recently my move from Boston to Mesa was a big smiling tears experience for me.  Don't get me wrong I am glad to be here in Arizona (will be even happier come October). I love my classes, my teachers, my new internship, and my program.  I like my roommates and my new ward, but I desperately miss Boston!

I think I'm finally getting a bit settled into my new life and I realize how much I've changed in my life the past few months. Change is good but sometimes it hurts really bad!

So for all of you who are experiencing smiling tears with me I wish you well!


Dani said...

why will you be happier in october?

Ryan and Kim said...

I think I am still experiencing smiling tears in regards to our move from California...and it has been a year and a half already! It takes me a while to adapt to changes, but I know that it is good for us and that we are in a place that we should be.