Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

You know when discover something you really love and you can't wait to share it with everyone. Well I want to share some great music that I am listening to these days. I know many of you have already discovered these songs and great musicians-but for those of you who see these songs or names of artists and have no idea who the are--please check them out!

My current Playlist called, "Thursday"
1. "Near to You" by A Fine Frenzy CD: One Cell in the Sea
2. "Home" by Scott Alan CD: Dreaming Wide Awake
3. "Fall for You" by Secondhand Serenade CD: A Twist in My Story
4. "Hymn" by Brooke Fraser CD: Albertine
5. "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles CD: Little Voice
6. "If I own Today" by Scott Alan CD: Dreaming Wide Awake
7. "This is Me" (Acoustic version) by Demi Lavato CD: Camp Rock
8. "Sampson" by Regina Spektor CD: Begin to Hope
9. "Shadowfeet" by Brooke Fraser CD: Albertine
10. "Say" John Mayer Single: Say

My advice would be to check the links on here or check them out on itunes to see if you like their stuff but I love these artists. Here are a few more random things I love:

Black Beard: the Musical By: Rob Gardner
I have talked about my friend Rob many times on this blog. If you don't know about him you should. Check out his music at Spire, his non profit. Aside from some very moving religious music Rob has also written the book, music, and characters for a new musical called, "Black Beard." It is most likely headed to Broadway so if you are in Arizona area don't miss the chance to see this amazing show. I went and was blown away by the music! If you are interested let me know and I can get you a HUGE discount as I'm part of Spire.

Big Bang Theory By: Shaun Barrowes
If you love jazz, like I do, then you will love this new CD by a friend of mine. He is up and coming and you will soon be hearing his name all over the country. His music is playing all over the world on the radio and he is getting ready to go on tour very soon.

The Sum of All Grace By : Mindy Gledhill
Beside being a friend of mine Mindy is a mother, a wife, and an amazing artist and musician. I own many LDS CD from various musicians but when it's Sunday and I need some inspiration I keep coming back to this CD. Her lyrics and voice are mesmerizing!


Kelli said...

Thanks for sharing :) I'll have to check those out. You should get a playlist for your blog.

prometheus said...

Nice. Thank you for the suggestions. I'm listening to "Near to You" right now. I dig it. Check out for free searchable music. You can listen to an entire song before you purchase it. Pretty sweet!

Keep the happy flowing, Kaikai.

Ali B. said...

Kylee, you should listen to these two songs, you'll love them. "Drive my soul" by Lights and "Fell in Love without you" (the acoustic version!) by Motion City Soundtrack. You'll LOVE them! Also, listen to Kate Voegele. You'll LOVE her too.
Love you cuz!

Kylee said...

Thanks guys! Kelli I actually don't like the playlist on the blog thing--just for me personally but I do like it when I'm introduced to new songs and artists by listening to other people's blog playlists. Ali I will check out the songs asap and I'm already a big fan of Kate Voegle (even before she was on One Tree Hill). Promethues I did check it out and was unaware of the site before--I found some amazing jazz on there--thanks!

Please feel free to share more of your favorites! kylee