Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Conference Weekend

I love the mountains!

Jodi & I played with Kris' nieces and nephews while were watching the BYU game! Go Cougs!

Miranda & I at Temple Square! It rained the entire weekend we were in Ut. It had been 106 in Mesa so I didn't even think about bringing an umbrella or coat or anything.

Miranda, Kris, Karen, & I had tickets to the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference!

Mirand, Karen, & I at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. I had just finished watching a photographic portrayal of the life of Christ. It's called, Reflections of Christ, by Mark Maybry (he lives in Mesa, AZ) and it is truly incredible. It will be touring the states soon but if you don't get to see it live be sure and go to the website.

Meet Deja & Kiki, my best friend's new little "Girls".  I was afraid they wouldn't like me but they did and I enjoyed watching conference with them on my lap. We got along great and I think I will make a great auntie!

"In our lovely desert..."

Amazingly on our way home we stopped at a Wendy's/Gas Station and I ran into my brother's best friend from when they were kids. It was so great to see Jason again!


Johnston Family said...

Kylee! You need to come over sometime! We'd love to have you for Sunday dinner or anytime!! So jealous you were in Utah for Conference and how fun you saw Jason! Love you!

Sandra Nixon said...

It is crazy that you ran into Jason int he middle of nowhere. I am surprised you had dogs in your lap, aren't you allergic!
By the way, i need to see you when i am in Mesa next. We will be up there halloween weekend. Wanna go to the temple with us saturday morning? let me know
love ya