Monday, October 20, 2008

Multi Stake/ Regional Rodeo!

This Rodeo/Dance was a huge girl's choice dance. I took Nate (pictured next to me) who I met through Pamela.  There was barrel racing, tug-o-war ( I took video but it wasn't loading well), egg toss, and much much more!

Nat & Kylee

Nate & Kylee          Natalie & Jason

Robert & Pamela           Nate & Kylee

Whitney & Tyler      Kylee & Nate (and fake barbed wire)

Can you see how much dust was in the air? It reeked havoc on just about everyone!

Jacob & Amy       Amy & Brett (Enjoying the Rodeo)

                                                                          Kylee & Natalie

After the Rodeo shin dig a bunch of us went and had a bonfire!  It was fun and I was introduced to Sobee bombs! For those of you who haven't seen them (I had never heard of them but everyone else seemed to know about them--must be an AZ thing) it is where you fill a Sobee bottle with gasoline, put the lid back on, poke a small hole, then place it in the fire. They explode and it looks really cool!


Ryan and Kim said...

You make the cutest little cowgirl! Bombs are always fun!

smiliesar said...

What fun. I think Rebecca (my sister) was at that same activity.