Wednesday, October 08, 2008


My good friend Kris (on top) just recently moved to Arizona and Alex helped him out. It was great to have a few familiar faces around!

(L-R) Whitney, Tyler, Kirsten, Kylee, & Cory.
We went to see Rob Gardner's "Black Beard: The Musical" and it was fantastic!

Whitney, you are too cool!

Tyler & Whitney (some of my new greatest friends ever)!

It was great to have Cory come visit from Kingman, AZ for the weekend!

Cory & I found this crazy secret device in my room--a red light blinks whenever there's a sound but it doesn't react to motion???

The Porters took us all out to dinner at Carrabas for Jodi's Birthday!
(L-R) Top: Kylee, Steve & Liz Porter. 
(L-R) my roommates: Becky M., Katie F., & Jodi C. (& Catie Porter)

Cory & I played Basketball @ Golfland and then with our tickets we bought bouncy balls!


Jamie said...

How do you know Cory? I assume through EFY. I met him through EFY, I wonder if he knows that we are cousins!
Funny, it is fun to see your pictures!

Carly Jo Porter said...

Kylee! It looks like you are loving AZ!! I miss home, give my mom a huge hug for me next time you see her!
Carly Jo