Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My "Trail Week"

I took a "trail week" this week. What does that mean (you may be asking)? Well, I work for an incredible organization called Anasazi. We are a wilderness therapy organization and we work with incredible families and their children. I am a therapist at Anasazi and absolutely LOVE my job.

My contract as a therapist ran out and so I was training and working on skills so that I could go out on the trail as a Trail Walker. (As a side note some of the trail walkers I have met at Anasazi are the most incredible, real, and talented people I know.) A Trail Walker goes out on the trail for 8 days (Wed-Wed) and is off the trail for 6 days. When they are out on the trail there is no contact with the "world." They don't have cell phones, computers, ipods, etc. They have what they can carry on their backs and nature—it is an unreal and unbelievable experience.

Well, as life would have it I was re-hired as a Therapist at Anasazi before I could be a trail walker. So I decided that I would take a "trail week" this past week. I didn't get on Facebook, watch TV, listen to music in my care, etc. I even gave my phone to friend for a few days. In essence, I tried to get away from the world for 8 days. As a result here are a few things I learned:

  • I am much more effective with my time with no distractions
  • I am able to do things I love (play piano, read, have long chats w/friends) when I make time for them
  • I am completely disconnected to the outside world and therefore miss important details
  • It became apparent that I miss certain people 
  • My thoughts are more focused and in tune with God's will
  • The world didn't stop or end without me online (ha ha I knew this was true already)
  • I felt the spirit more and felt more guided.
  • Some media is not bad and actually really needed for me in my life
  • It is an inconvenience for people in my life for me to be disconnected
  • I was able to listen much better with less distractions and less noise
  • Rejection means you put something out there (received my first book rejection)
  • I need to for sure take more "trail weeks"
The biggest thing I noticed is how happy I could be with so little. I found myself driving down the road, sun shining on my face, and smiling. I am so blessed.

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do you have thanksgiving plans?