Friday, January 13, 2012

Why I Try Not To Come To Utah

In the short amount of time I have been in UT I have been bombarded by lovely, sappy, in-love super young, couples (some w/adorable cute clothed kiddos). I try really hard to smile, tell myself it's okay that I'm single (you're getting a book published—be happy) but alas...REALLY!!!

They make it look so easy here. It just seems that everyone's doing it. Seriously, find your one true love, get married, have kids—easy peasy. I start to wonder if it's in the water, something in the cold air...I don't know but it makes me almost believe that it just happens here...ha ha.

So, to ease my mind and heart I listen to the 2 songs on repeat A LOT!

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Lisa said...

It seems to me that things were this way in the U5 ward as well. There was an engagement announced practically every week. Good to know that at least someone else is in the same single boat that I'm in. Seriously, maybe it's time we all start an "I'm Single and Loving It" club. :) Maybe then we'd finally find someone.