Monday, March 19, 2007

Annalee & Michelle Take on Boston

Recently my cousin Annalee (and her friend Michelle) came to Boston for their Spring Break. They are both elementary school teachers. Annalee teaches music and Michelle teaches 3rd grade.

Annalee and I are 2nd cousins (our fathers are cousins) but we have known each since well...forever I guess. Our family is very big into reunions and getting together so even though I grew up in rainy Oregon and Annalee grew up in Sunny Arizona we saw eachother through the years.

Annalee and I are a lot alike (I discovered while she was out here that we are even more alike than I thought) and so that made her visit out here so much fun.

The Cuzins!

This was typical after a long day of taking in the sights ...oh and chatting it up and laughing into the wee hours of the night--err morning?

Michelle even smiles in her sleep.

Annalee knew a friend who is part of the Harvard Wives Club and for thier outing this month they decided to go to the MFA. One of the wives got her Masters or PhD? in Art History and so she gave a tour of the MFA filling us all in on the insides scoop.

It was great to go to the MFA again-it has been a while. I couldn't help but think as we were all walking around and looking at amazing art that the most beautiful art was the wife walking around with us that was pregnant. What a masterpiece God created. A mother incubating her unborn child. It just made me smile.

Here's Annalee and Michelle taking a rest...these girls packed it all in. I couldn't believe how much they saw of Boston in so little time.

This is Michelle plotting out their trip to Vermont to see the birthplace of Joseph Smith and the visitor's center there.

Oh Annalee! Thanks for all the chats, the late night laughs, and for making me feel like someone really does understand! I love you girl!

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jenica said...

way cute. i'm happy to see that things are so stinkin' wonderful for you. you're amazing!