Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I HATE Them!

Everyone who has known me for a little while (whether they understand it or not) knows I HATE Sunflowers and anything that has to do with them (sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, etc.) I swear they are everywhere and I can't (for the life of me) get away from them.

The other day turned on the t.v. and actually watched a show w/ commercials for the first time in forever (about 5 years maybe...) and you wouldn't believe what the first commercial I watched was about??? A stupid Sunflower oil commercial for Lays Potato Chips. Now I have never like potato chips that much I certainly will never be eating Lays Potato Chips with their natural Sunflower oil in them.

Then there's guy whose cubicle is two away from mine at the top of the steps. He's a great guy and coworker etc. Yesterday he got flowers delivered to him from his girlfriend. It was sweet and all but of course there it was a HUGE Sunflower in the middle of the arraignment. I had to seriously stifle my urge to pluck the sick flower from the bouquet and throw it out the window. Instead I just went back to my cubicle and thought about all those Sunflower allergens that would eventually find their way to my cubicle...and sure enough they did.

See I knew it would happen. Every time someone saw his flowers they got close to smell them or look at them and they (unknowingly) became a carrier of pollen. Also I knew that over the night the pollen would float its way over to my cubicle and infest it. All of which is true and happened.

So here I am at work today, sneezing like it's going out of style, and loathing the fact that the Sunflower is still on his desk for all to love and see. I HATE them! Of course there is nothing I can do--don't want to offend my coworker--and the flowers are bound to die soon--right? He'll take them home or throw them away.

Why do I HATE them some of you may ask?? I'm seriously allergic to the lot of them. Back in 2004 I accidentally at a bite of a Sunflower Bagel and ended up puking my guts out for the rest of the day--literally--you know how it feels to have food poisoning--same thing only that was my body's way of getting rid of something I was allergic to. I can't really explain it I just HATE them!

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Kris said...

woah, I don't think I've hear Kylee say HATE that much in one breath. Don't mess with Kylee and her allergies! :)

I've noticed that I feel passionately about things too, so I've had to make a cap on the amount of times I say hate a day. I can hate one thing a day, then I'm done...thats all I get. It was especially hard during basketball season, but it gets easier.

xoxo darlin'