Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day of Praise

I'm sitting with my sister and brother in law in their little apartment watching General Conference via streaming Internet on BYU TV on a laptop and loving it! I know my family is all watching the same thing 3 hours earlier than me in some chapel in Northern California and that makes me smile. There's just something about hearing from Prophets of God that make me so thankful for my blessings.

As a writer I'm always looking for new ways to get all the ideas I have out of my head and down on paper (or in my laptop). My cousin left me a journal type notebook when she came to visit me and I've turned that into a gratitude journal. Each night I pick one thing I was grateful for, one experience, one person etc and I write just a few lines. I find myself having a hard time just choosing one. I love it!:

And so here are a just a few of the things I'm grateful for these days:

  • my eyelashes
  • my bed (all the talks, laughs, and tears)
  • music--for any kind of mood
  • my family
  • hard work
  • the word remember
  • patience
  • the moon
  • rain
  • a job that I love
  • poetry
  • self control
  • straws
  • the color purple
  • reconnecting with old friends
  • making new friends
  • be put in my place
  • learning something new
  • seeing something from a new perspective
  • photography
  • health
  • resurrection
  • love--in all it's array
  • my magic closet
  • seeing someone find the love of their life
  • diversity
  • punk teenagers
  • Christ
  • kigatsuku
  • letting go & making it happen
  • dreams
  • the little things
And there is sooooo much more but you get the idea! I truly am so grateful for so many things!

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Ju said...

i'm grateful for you!