Sunday, April 29, 2007


This is the new Alumni Building at BYU. It's huge and looks like it will be beautiful. It was great to be back on campus. I just love this school!

Kristen and I

Kris & Dan Wood with Kylee. "match maker, match maker, make me a match!"

Laura, Kylee, Brett, Meg, and Sara

My aunt Kris and my Grandma Brinkerhoff at Olive Garden.

Grandma and I. They are the reason I decided to stop over in Utah after the wedding. I wanted to spend some time with both my Grandmas. I love you Grandma B!

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Michelle McKeehan said...


Hi! This is Michelle Hasson. I don't know if you remember me but I was looking through some stuff from a long time ago and found a poem someone very special wrote me once so I decided to look to see if you had a blog. I'm glad you do and am happy to see you doing so well! Anyway, just wanted to say hello and hope all is well and once again thank you for your kind words over 10 years ago that even helped me the other day when I found it.

Michelle (Hasson) McKeehan