Sunday, April 29, 2007


Preston and Marie Criddle's Wedding
April 19, 2007
The wedding was beautiful and since Julie cried enough for both of us I managed to keep the tears in check. It was simple but eternal.
I ate a bunch of great food, bought $2 flip flops at Walmart to walk around in for the day, went to a rocking reception, pinch hit for a few songs as the piano player (Jared and Seth saved the day by buying speakers and hooking them up to a laptop). Then We took Julie to the airport, stopped at the local Institute singles mingle to see my 2 cousins, ate some more good food, got water spilled on me, and went to bed exhausted--just in time to wake up and fly to Utah.
Thanks Jared for taking me to the airport and for letting me hang out with you and your friends--even Mark. Thanks Marie for hosting me in your wonderful home and for inviting me to your beautiful wedding.

Julie, Jenny (Jen-Dar), Kylee

So that's where all the kidlets are--smile!

The Groom (Preston) and his Best Man (Cameron)-- oh and look there's Julie

Let's try this again...

Look at the cute married couple--love those Criddles!

Julie and Jared performed at the wedding reception and they were beautiful.

The cake stuffing thing--who started this tradition anyway?

I think they both are so hungry at this point that they just want to grab the cake with their hands and stuff their faces...they didn't but wouldn't that be funny

The Bouquet toss--shucks I missed it!

Julie and Marie--or Kristi depending on who was talking.

Cameron and Jared--I have no idea what is going on I think they stole my camera for this shot.

Kylee, the beautiful bride (and wife) Marie, and Julie

umm...yeah...didn't get the memo on this one...

Isn't she just so beautiful!

This is Mark trying to kiss me and someone had my camera (thanks for that Jared). He actually grabbed my hair... and this is proof

Mark and I...don't ask...and no he didn't kiss me.

Cameron and his lovely ladies!

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Tang Tang said...

Much love! The weekend was fantastic and you guys made us a very very very happy couple...mua!
(oh yeah...I guess we should have warned you about Mark berforehand.)