Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sing It!

I know most of you know I love my job but I wanted to give you one reason. Last night I was working late, trying to get some extra contacts, so I could leave early on Friday and spend the day with my parents who are coming to town last tonight. Anyway it made for a very long day and night of trying to get a hold of people.

Just before I was getting ready to leave for the night I called a Little Brother. As I started to ask him questions he started to sing the answers to me--seriously--he was singing in his little sing-song voice. I could barely get through the conversation. Towards the end of the conversation he started to hold out the end of his sentences for a long time and I just lost it and started to laugh out loud. When he heard me laughing he laughed too. This just made him sing his answers louder and more passionately.

I'm still smiling so big just thinking about how funny that conversation turned out to be. It was the perfect way to finish the night. It quickly refocused me on why I love my job--it's about the kids!

1 comment:

davecharliebrown said...

This is brilliant. I'm going to start singing all my conversations.