Friday, May 18, 2007

All in a Saturday

Saturday morning dawns: Hair Revolution 2007!
Natalie's hair before...

David Truscott goes to the North Bennett Street School where he makes Violins. He was very kind and took his friend from NYC Anne Marie, My new roommate Marianne, and I on a tour of what he does on a daily basis. This school is amazing and it was incredible to see how a Violin comes to life!

Welcome to North Bennett Street School

Marianne, David, and AnnMarie checking out David's violin making abilities

This is Marianne and I handling David's first Violin in the process of coming together
Marianne just moved out here and is my new roommate
She's out her for the summer as an intern for the Romney Campaign
Here's David with his first Violin in the process and behind him is his work space

This is how the violin starts out...a great (and expensive) piece of wood

This is a box of Ebony...
hard to imagine that this is what is made into the black keys on the piano

Violins in differnt varnish stages

So what color of Violin do you want?

The mixes and colors that go into making the varnish that goes on the Violins

This is where they cure the varnish and oxidize the wood in a UV light box

The jig that cuts the wood and stuff

And so they wait...

What would the tour be with out the instrument being played in the end
David is an incredible musician and it was beautiful to hear him play!

You really need to check this place out!
David is holding the Mike's Pasteries we stopped to get on our way

The tour ends with us eating at Quincy Market
I love this place full of great food and good friends
John Bowers joined us to get some grub
John and Marianne are working on the Romney Campaign for the summer

Saturday closes with the new do. From Blonde to Red--pretty brave!
Whoa Natalie love the hair revolution!