Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Did You Know...

... Although I may not be in school these days I'm am ever learning. There are so many things people teach me. Here are just a few of the things you are teaching me.

Grandma B-- the past is full of treasures left behind for the future to find

Grandma S-- family matters

Mom-- constant communication keeps hearts connected

Dad-- set goals, work towards them, enjoy the journey--be inspired

Chelsea-- make it happen-live your dreams-there's always another side

Grant--show/tell the people you love how you feel

Danielle--people worth loving take work, time, and forgiveness

Kaitlin-- good dating advice can come from an unlikely source

Alexa-- be yourself and love it

Clay-- in a crisis your true character comes through

Camryn "Elizabeth"-- life is too short-be a kid-simplify

Mike-- life is meant to be enjoy--so don't rush through it

Brendan--how "rich" I am

Michael-- come what may a constant friend can make all the difference

Julie-- honesty is the best policy no matter what people may say

Marie-- to get outside myself-to stretch my abilities

Preston-- humor is necessary in order to survive

Seth-- good food makes life taste great--let go

Timothy-- people are full of surprises--with God all things are possible

Jared-- sympathy and empathy-different-both matter

Natalie-- be comfortable with who you are-the value of noise

Cheryl-- patience pays off

Sara--you get out what you put in--but sometimes you get more

Kristen--some people make you feel like you are coming home

Alycesun--faith requires action-living what you believe is the difference

Annalee--keeping a commitment matters--change is good

Bonner--what it truly means to be a friend--not strings attached

Boo-- the Lord above all else

Bro. B--..."without compulsory means..."

Katie W.--sometimes you get a second chance

Eliza--don't compare paths or places in life

Alan--you can't change the past--and sometimes that's a good thing--FF

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Nat Attack said...

I AM comfortable with the fact I won't apologize for loving fast food and trashy TV.

And happy that I can share that with you... you have it in spades as well!