Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rashes & Randoms

Things I've been up to lately:

--lab rat for the flabotomist at my doctor's office and ended up being allergic to the bandaid they put on to stop the bleeding (no surprise there my friends).

--went jogging--yes dad--went jogging and what do I get as a result?? Oh, well you win a nice rash of hives all over your upper body. (this is why I dispise jogging).

--leg wrestled. beat one guy. lost to another guy.

--rocked out on Guitar Hero II.

--joined a book club

--started a diet

--writing a new song

--learned to play a song on the Violin

--survived a "talk" with the neighbors

--pretty much think my roommates are crazy...but awesome

--met a ton of new friends (yeah for new beginnings)

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