Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Little Sis is Getting Hitched!

Danielle Shields will soon be marrying Kevin Tvetan!
So here it is. My younger (can't say little because, like most of my sisters, she's taller than me) sister is getting MARRIED! I really am having a hard time saying and believing it. She just turned 20 the other day and she is so happy and in love. This is the rock her fiance, Kevin (my soon to be Brother-in-Law) put on her finger not too long ago. Danielle I really am happy for you!
Here's my dad and Danielle. Isn't she just beautiful!

The back of the Bridesmaid dresses

Fancy-dancy hem!

Front of the Bridesmaid dresses
We will have brown strappy sandles, be adorned in jewles, and of course have a rocking time at the Hawaiian themed reception!

Model: Kaitlin Shields


Colleen said...

We need pics of the guy! Congrats little (but taller) sister!

Heather said...

Nice rock!! It was kind of funny, I saw the picture of your sister and dad, and hadn't read the caption yet, and I thought, wow, her fiancee is a lot older than she is!! :) Cute dresses, and yay for Hawaiian themes!!

peggy, margaret, whatever said...

cute bridesmaid dresses!

congrats to the shields family.