Sunday, June 10, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday we decided to brave the crowds to check out Earthfest downtown. The concert was great and the weather was even better. I loved that I got to hear KT Tungstall and Guster!

The place was packed chuck full of peeps! It was such a great day! We all got so hot we decided to leave and take a nice cool dip in Walden Pond (great idea Timothy!)

KT Tungstall


My friend Sara came for the weekend from NYC where she lives now (just barely moved there) and she brought her friend Leslie. These girls and I had a blast of a weekend! Man, Ladies you two wore me out!

Schwer & Shields

Wiley, K, and John

Leslie, K, and Sara

A nice pic in the Public Garden on the way to Walden Pond. (L-R) Sara, Kylee, Timothy, Marianne, and Leslie


Marianne enjoying the Lobster!

How do you get this thing open?

Nick introducing us to our dinner--yummy!

Sara going to town on all the scrumptious food!

No Names was delicious and you can see that we had more than enough food to feed all of our ravenous tummies. We barely made it to the restaurant before it closed but we did. I have never seen such fast service in my life. I had Salmon and it was delicious--as was the Lobster!

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Tang Tang said...

Oooooh...sounds like fun. All hail good Boston Guster concerts!