Thursday, June 21, 2007

One big piggy went to the doctor...

So the other day my big toe was really hurting. I looked at it and figured I'd been bitten by something, no big deal. I just soaked it in Epson salt and figure it would go away with time. I was wrong and over the course of about 5 days it just kept getting worse. So I made a Doctor's appointment.

Just before I went to the doctor my foot started to feel really painful and unbeknownst to me (remember the toe was already in festering pain) it decided to bleed all over everything. I had no idea and was preoccupied by finding car keys and getting my wallet. I felt something sticky on my flip flop and so I looked down and there was blood everywhere--dripping from my foot.

I picked up the blood soaked flip flop and headed to the nearest sink (leaving a trail. I can't believe how much one toe can actually bleed!

Once the blood had clotted I headed to the Doctor. The Doc told me I had a bad infection and so she gave me a prescription for antibiotics. She also told me I needed to do this surgery thing on my toe before I went home.

She was going to give me 4 shots to numb my toe, then she would cut away the skin and a big chunk of my toe nail. This would help the infection to go away. A bunch of nurses and assistants wanted to watch so we had a little party.

Me, the Doctor, and 4 other people in one tiny patients room, and we were laughing, and then I was wincing in pain, then I was fascinated by the process, and then lots more blood. Then the Doc was pulling my toe nail out by the root with pliers-craziness! What did they do before we had numbing drugs?

Sorry it's not the best picture. The black line is there because my Doctor said to let her know immediately if my infection gets close the the line. The Left part of my toe nail where you see redness is where she removed a big chunk of my nail. Doc said it may or may not grow back--bummer!


Nat Attack said...

This is pretty sick. Insteresting, but sick.

Glad they didn't have to amputate it; toes are for balance you know.

Heather said...

CRAZY story! You're tough. Hang in there.

spoonfulL said...

this is disgusting. i love it.

"yeah, i was totally in pain and bleeding everywhere. whatevs." you a bad mama-jama!

must come from being a dancer. life of pain. particularly foot pain... huh. i'm freakin sherlock holmes over here..