Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Value of Your Heart

In church there is a lot of talk about taking care of our bodies, protecting them, not violating them, being chaste. We talk about what to put on our bodies, into our bodies, what not to put into or on our bodies. We talk about how our bodies are not our own and how they are "bought with a price." We even talk about how our bodies are in the exact image of our Heavenly Father.

But what about our hearts??

We talk about how we are responsible for our own body and for what we do to other people's bodies. We talk about how sacred our bodies are and the role they play the Plan of Happiness. We talk about what we see, what we say, and all sorts of other choices and decisions we make with our bodies.

With all this emphasis on our bodies I'm fully convinced that the Lord also values our hearts. I would imagine we will be responsible for the hearts we interact with for the good and bad. There is something to be said about what we allow others to do to our hearts and how we treat theirs.

I believe there is a responsibility we have --and rarely talk about--when it comes to hearts. I think that we are accountable for the hearts we mislead, the hearts we break, the hearts we hold, the hearts we cherish, the hearts we make commitments to, and the hearts to which we love. I also think we are accountable for our own hearts. We will be held accountable for those that we let walk all over our hearts, break our hearts, hold our hearts, and to those we give our hearts to. In this way it's very similar to the way we talk about our bodies.

To those of you who read this blog I hope you know the value of your heart to mine. I know I have a lot to learn about how I treat other hearts and how I let others treat my heart. And so in the moments you've trusted me enough to hold your heart (even for a moment--even just a little peace) and I've let you down, I apologize. And for all those other moments when my heart has interacted with yours for the good, I thank you.

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