Saturday, March 11, 2006


Some of you may be wondering what I mean on this blog with the title" "more kigatsuku please". so I decided to tell you. I heard this wonderful word this past summer and it just stuck to me. So I called my dad (he knows Japanese) and asked him to find out what it means truly.

And here it is: Kigatsuku= 1) notice; become aware (conscious) of; be attentive. 2) cometo oneself; recover consciousness. I even looked up the kanjis. It's cool. Ki is the same as 'genki', which means spirit or feelings. Tsuku is the verb to stick to, to catch fire, or belighted. So, it's basically saying my spirit or feelings are energized (or something like that).

I also saw on a random blog that the Japanese word Kigatsuku means "an inner spirit to act without being without being told what to do."

So know you know why there needs to be more kigatsuku!