Friday, March 20, 2009

Family Friday: Chelsea

Chelsea Shields Strayer

I wrote a birthday tribute to my sister already but I'll tell you more about what I love about her:
  • She is brilliant
  • She is is hilarious
  • She can live with no running water, in the dirt of Africa, with sweat running down her face and she can get all dolled up, look like she is walking into court, and look like a model. She is the same inside no matter what the outside package looks like and they are all amazingly brilliant!
  • It is no surprise that she & I are very different. Despite that I learn a lot from her as the years go by. She, in many ways, is an example to me.
  • She is adventurous and I love that about her. She loves to travel and we share that in common.
  • She is very intellectual about many topics and be careful because she will battle you.
  • She is loyal to those she loves and they are loyal back.
  • I have 27 other reasons on my tribute blog to her so go check them out!
Chels, I miss you lots and although I know you love being in Africa I know you miss lots of things back home. So we will definitely have to get some Taco Bell, get you a decent shower, let you do some laundry (by machine) and many more things you just can't do in Ghana!  Until then know I love you and can't wait to see you!

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