Monday, March 16, 2009

"Sister-Sister Time"

Camryn "Elizabeth" Shields

I'm 18 years older than the youngest in my family, my lil sis Camryn, so we have never really lived together. I thought it would be fun to have her come and stay with me for a few days in AZ, then we would drive up to UT together, then we would come back to AZ and she would fly home.

This trip was her first time flying in a plane and she really enjoyed it. She told me that she even got to check her email from the laptop of the man sitting next to her in the plane on her way from Sacramento to Phoenix!
After I picked her up form the airport we headed to my school to show her around a bit. That night we played with my roommates, watched a few movies and after she had worn me out we went to sleep.

The next day we decided to go to the Phoenix Zoo! Camryn loved the Zoo and even took a bunch of the photos below.

Holy FAT Frog!

We had to take a picture of this road runner as he is the mascot of Camryn's elementary school!

Her favorite part was the petting zoo!

After a great day at the Zoo we headed to UT. We stayed in Hurricane for the night and left for Provo the next morning.  We played around on Friday, Kylee saw some good friends, and Camryn loved playing with her cousin Mikelle!

In the morning Dani, Kevin, Cam, & I  waiting for the beautiful bride & groom (cousin JC) to get wed and then we took some family pics. On our way back to Provo we stopped at Cafe Rio for lunch and Chelsea called me from Africa. She wanted to let us know that Mike was in town at his brother Jame's house.  So of course we went by to see Mike and his new nephew Ethan!

Before we left UT we had to see grandma B.

Randomly I decided to pull over on the side of the road and Cam & I hiked up some of these Red Rock Cliffs to take some cool pictures. Cam really loved detour!

We, of course, had to stop for a Dam picture!

This picture is for Ali-gali! This is the "Elephant" park down my street where I frequently go swing on the swings when I need to de-stress or think.

On our last day together we decided to get out my all things Arizona Frommer's Guide that I bought when I first got here. I am determined to do all things Arizona before I leave the state. As we were trying to decided where to go Camryn wanted to go to the Goldsfield Ghosttown. So we did and we had a blast. 

We ate lunch, walked around the Old West town, rode the railroad train, learned about the Superstition Mountains, and much more. All in all it was a great day. 

The we headed home, got her all packed up, and I sent her back on a plane home.  It was great to be able to spend some "sister sister time" (thanks for the title of this blog Kaitlin!). I love you Camryn!


dannyhaley said...

It was so fun to see you last weekend, at the reception. I love your blog post about you and Camryn, what a great big sister you are!

Jordan said...

How fun for Camryn! Sibilings are the best!!

Z and L Family said...

So fun to see you both. Hope you had a nice visit with your sis.