Friday, March 27, 2009

Family Friday: Grant

Grant Marcus Shields
Grant Marcus Shields
May 17, 1984-July 24, 1999

I miss my brother! I miss him at random times on different days, everywhere I go, and I see him in the faces of different boys, young adults, and men I meet in life. It has almost been 10 years since he died but there are moments, thankfully not as many these days, when my heart just aches for him. 

Sometimes I just wish I could ask him what he is doing. Talk to him about our family, where each of us are in lives, and just laugh with him. I think part of the sadness I feel is that I don't get to see him grow up.

Things I love about Grant:
  • his impatience--the way he would poke up on the arm with his finger to get our attention.
  • how he would stand like a flamingo in front of the tv
  • his ability to love. They were rare but the times when he would just sit still and give me a hug, cuddle, or we would just chat about life I will treasure forever
  • that he could eat, eat, and continue eating at all times of day, at all places, and whatever was in front of him.
  • that he loved bananas. I can't look at a banana today without thinking of Granty!
  • he had no guile. 
  • the way he just let everyone be themselves
  • the fact that he wanted to play basketball all the time even with the mailman
  • that when he wanted to be good at something he would really work at it. most of the time he had to work harder than most kids but he didn't mind.
  • I love going to his basketball games and cheering him on I was so proud of him.
  • he was my little baby boy. I remember when he was little with all the tubes and stuff all over him and I cried. Chelsea & I were so happy to have a little brother.
  • I love watching home videos of him and how much he filled our lives with joy
Little brother know I miss you so much and love you!


M and N said...

oh.....we miss grant marcus too!

Ryan and Kim said...

I still remember the last time I saw him. We drove down to Hurricane for your cousin's farewell. He asked me draw a his hand. I am glad that I said yes. Funny kid!

Dani said...

i miss him too. that's a sweet post:)