Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Back to Life, Back to Reality"

I don't know if anyone else is going through this right now but I'm feeling very happy not living in reality. For example I just finished, "Hunger Games", and "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins. I absolutely loved them both and couldn't put them down. How can any of my Grad School text books hold a candle or interest compared to these books.

Also my best friend is off on a grand-adventure-of-a-road-trip seeing lots of sights and having a blast. As a result all I can think of is my next traveling adventures.

Rio Grande

Also my younger (not little because she is taller than me) sister just made it on the Lodi High School Homecoming Court! Congrats Alexa! I mean I couldn't even get a date in HS let alone make the Homecoming Court. My mom's got me thinking about her kick back to the 40's Audrey Hepburn Lace dress...

Also my new roommate MoMo is in charge of this great show tomorrow night called, "The Price of Freedom" by my friend Rob Gardner. It's part of Constitution Week and you don't want to miss it!

So you can see why I'm just a little bit distracted from the reality that is my life!


Sandra Nixon said...

I'm in the middle of Catching Fire and loving it of course, i had to wait long enough for it to finally come out! Glad you are doing good, it is fun to read aboutyour life.

Ryan and Kim said...

I've been hearing about this Hunger Games. I will have to check it out. But first I have to finish Shadow of the Wind. It is a mystery, since October is coming and all.

Now get back to work!

Lindsey Layton said...

I can relate to the first two of those :o)