Friday, September 04, 2009

"Remember, Remember"

My friend Ryan, who is teaching Earl Morning Seminary (EMS) in California, recently invited me to join his Book of Mormon Blog Project (BOMB Project). The idea is for people to share their ideas, spiritual experiences, and personal applications of what they are gaining from reading the Book of Mormon. All the Links on the BOMB Project are people who have decided to join in the fun.

This call to arms from Ryan is a tender mercy in my life! I have been struggling to get some quality scripture reading done while in Grad School so the BOMB Project is the perfect catalyst for me to get digging into my scriptures.

A while back I also taught EMS and I think this is a brilliant idea for Ryan's seminary students to be able to read people's blogs/journal ideas about how the Book of Mormon is affecting peoples lives. I look forward to reading their thoughts and ideas as well as other blogs linked to the BOMB Project!

My new BOMB is called "Remember, Remember"

If you are interested in joining the BOMB Project leave a comment and I'll get you connected to Ryan!

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