Saturday, September 12, 2009

Music Night!

I wanted to have a bunch of musicians over that love music and love to perform! Music Night was a smashing success! I couldn't believe the talent in one place. I loved that such great music filled the house!

(L-R) Royal, Lincoln, & Cheya.
Lincoln played the piano for all of us and he has some wicked awesome piano skills!

Nate, Amy, & Cheya. I think Cheya was excited about Music Night!

Aww sweet! Cheya, Nate, & I taking a break from the music!

Check out the videos below to catch a glimpse of the rockin' night we had!
Royal & Lincoln singing, "Lily's Eyes" from Secret Garden.

Amy & her amazing Flute!


Chantalita said...

Nice use of "wicked awesome".

graham cracka said...

Wow! How fun--I'm slightly jealous! And my favorite part of the video may actually be the Christmas tree. LOVE THAT.

Lindsey Layton said...