Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Open Letter to...A Celebrity

Dear Jennifer Affleck-
I LOVED you in Alias and am embarrassed to say that I watch all 5 seasons on DVD in a relative short amount of time (some of which I was sick so I have an excuse). I liked you in Felicity and as Electra. Basically I just like what you do.

You don't know this but one day I was over at my church building and I saw you. You happen to be playing with your daughter Violet in the grass in front of the building and you were having a great time. I watched you just being a normal mom and wondered how often you got to be "normal"?

I'm not your only fan in my family--in fact I may be the mildest fan. My mother adores you and sometimes she talks about you and baby Vi and Ben like you are relatives. I think it's hilarious. I apologize that my mom knocked on your door and talked to you but can you really blame her? She's a huge fan and you lived right there!

Anyway I know you have kids right now and you're doing the mom thing but I would really love to see you in another TV show or wicked awesome movie in the near future. That would be awesome!

Oh, say hi to Ben for me,


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