Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Open Letter to...My Sibling

Dear Grant-

I don't know what you are privy to but so much has happen in our family the past 10 years! Since you left so many crazy and wonderful things have happen to each of us. I thought I would write you and tell you about some of them.

Camryn:I know you didn't really know Cam but loved to hold her and play with her. She is now a young women!! I can't believe how tall she's grown and how old she is getting. She loves to play the piano and play sports like soccer. She's really into candy, movies, and all the things big girls do. She recently got her ears pierced and was so excited.

Clay: He will soon be the same age you were when you left and I think it will hard and exciting to watch him take these new steps in life. Being the only boy in our family, I think, has been hard for him at times. I often think of how things would be different if you were around. It will be new for all of us to have a boy in the family past the age of 15. So the whole dating, driving, mission thing will be new to us but exciting! Sometimes I ache that he doesn't have you around but we have amazing bro-in-laws that bug him when they're around.

Ali: Oh man, you should hear this girl sing and write music--she's amazing! She runs track doing high jump, triple jump, and hurdles and she's great! I think you too would've loved running together. She just graduated from high school and is heading to Utah Valley University in the Fall to start college in their Nursing Program!

Kati: has a boyfriend that she adores and he's been around for quite some time! She just finished her Freshman year at San Diego State University and she absolutely loved it! I was able to visit her a few times on campus and that was wicked awesome! Kati is studying Psychology and wants to also get her PhD someday!

Dani: She went and got herself married! His name is Kevin and we all love him dearly! I think you two would've gotten along great! Dani graduated from college recently also in Graphic Design. She and Kevin have been living in ID going to BYUI but just moved back to Lodi, CA. They are hoping that Kevin gets into a PA school soon and will move to accommodate him. Dani is so funny, has an amazing blog, and is building a great life for herself!

Chelsea: Here is where the big changes have come. Chelsea got married to the perfect man for her and his name is Mike. Everyone loves Mike and he somehow puts up with the crazy family. They lived in Ghana, West Africa for a year and now live in Baltimore. Soon both Chelsea & Mike with have Phd.'s and hope to find a college where they can both teach. They recently had a beautiful baby girl and named her Eden Jean Shields Strayer! She has stolen the heart of anyone and everyone she meets! I have yet to meet her and can't wait! Chelsea is making her dreams and goals happen in her life!

Kylee: I've been doing a lot of traveling and moving around in the states. I finished college, moved to Boston and lived it up! Then I moved to AZ for grad school and just graduated last month with my Master in Social Work! I love my life, even with its ups and downs, and feel very blessed for the time I had with you. You are never far from my thoughts. I see your face in the young boys I work with. I think of you when I teach kids not to bully or how to take care of themselves when they are the victims. I have done a lot research on Asperger's Syndrome, which I think you had, and have been able to inform many people about AS thanks to you!

Mom: Is the most amazing woman ever. She is so supportive, always caring, and always listening. She has grown and change in so many ways since you left! She is a beacon of strength for everyone in the family. She is now an orphan with both her parents moving on. Don't worry though she has plenty of people in her life to keep her more than occupied and loved! You should be really proud of mom!

Dad: He wrote an article about you and him that was published in the Ensign and has touched many hearts! Dad continues to go to BYU football games, go on the motorcycle trips, run, and play basketball. I'm sure he misses you in all these endeavors! Dad has also grown and changed in so many ways since you left. You should be really proud of dad!

The family has LOVED living in California and I think you would've like it as well. You'll be happy to know that we are all BIG Cougars fans still and love to go to games when we can! Cougar football, motorcycles, and bananas always make me think of you and smile! I sometimes wonder what you are doing, thinking, getting to see. I wonder if you were the first person to Eden and if you get to be with grandma & grandpa Brink and grandpa Shields? I wonder if you miss us or if you're too busy doing the Lord's work? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy you are where you are, but there are moments when I miss you something fierce! Your life touched and continues to touch and affect each of us in powerful ways!

Well, this is not much in the way of summarizing 10+ years, but it will have to do for now. I love you so much brother and look forward to seeing you again!

Love Eternally,

Your Big Sis, Kylee

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