Saturday, August 21, 2010

Invisible Clubs

The other day a co-worker of mine was zoning out and I recognized that look all too well. One of the boys at the RTC said some comment to him to which he replied, "No, I was just thinking about my sister."

His sister had just recently been killed in a car accident on her way to come see my co-workers new born baby. He had to return to work too early b/c he is the only one working in his family and didn't want to lose his job.

I looked over at him and the sadness that seemed to cling to him and I was terribly saddened that he was now part of the club. The club that is exclusive only to siblings who have had a brother or sister die. This is one of the invisible clubs, a club you never thought you would be a part of, and you never want anyone else to join. And yet since I've become a member of this invisible club my hear aches at how many people have involuntarily joined.

Today I woke up with a headache and laid in bed for a long time hoping and praying it wouldn't turn into a migraine. I get headaches a lot since I moved to Arizona and somehow I became a part of the invisible migraine club. I hate this club! I get so angry at my head when I have migraines b/c I have no control of my body. I sometimes go blind in one eye, I almost always get nauseous and puke, and most of the time I lose hours of my day. When I first stared getting migraines I did a lot of research and post on Facebook etc and was amazed at how many people I knew were also part of the invisible migraine club. It's awful to think that your pain is shared by so many.

There are good invisible clubs also such as my love of writing club, my old school appreciation of great jazz music club, and many more. These invisible clubs connect people through their pain or their passions. When you meet someone who belongs to you club you can almost instantly connect to them. In my good invisible clubs I love to collect members and I can relate to them as like-minded people. In my never-wanted-to-be-a-part-of-you invisible clubs it is almost painful when I meet people who belong to the club.

In my sorrow and in my happiness I am so grateful for my human connections to others!

In what invisible clubs do you belong?

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smiliesar said...

Interesting perspective Kylee! I never thought of things that way. I feel your pain with the migraines. Being PG with my son started mine and I've had them ever since. They usually knock me out for a day or two. My least favorite group is one where your house caught on fire group...not fun to be part of. I do love being part of the teacher group and band groups though.