Saturday, February 11, 2012

2 New Wicked Awesome Places!!

Recently 2 people I love introduced me to 2 places I now love! The first place is called Gangplank and William Brian Cobb introduced it to me. The second place is called Changing Hands Bookstore and Hillary Anne Clemens introduced it to me.

Check out their website to learn the ins & outs of Gangplank. For me it was a place where like-minded people could roam around. I love every minute of it. I even like walking across the street b/c when you push a button the street lights up along the cross walk.  At Gangplank they have 25¢ soda, old school video games, and presentations (TED style).
There are these collaborate free work spaces. Some start-ups pay for space but mostly you just come and use space.
you can print 3D objects

Everyone has postcard and sticky notes up everywhere
You get to write your name on this card and pick it up everytime you come. I thought it boring to use my normal name and decided on the name Lola....("whatever Lola wants, Lola gets")

This bookstore was overwhelming (in a delightful way) to me. I need to go back and take it in sections. I didn't even really get to the book b/c there was so much eye candy to get through before the books. I did, however, when I was overwhelmed, stop over at the awesome music store next door.
They have all kinds of cards, posters, wall hangings
crazy little things like these
pottery, decorative boxes, etc
metal things, wind chimes, etc
Be whatever you want to be hat rack
Hil wants to be a space cadet

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