Monday, February 20, 2012

Amalgamation or Absence?

Does is seem strange to anyone else that to the world I'm (enter any single person) am an amalgamation of all I've done, accomplished, been,seen—yet to the people in my propinquity I'm the absence of all that. I am only what I'm not—not attached (married or dating)?


Chelsea said...

I know this is the opposite of all advice you've ever been given or what the church would probably suggest, but I've always thought people (women especially, single women especially-especially)should take some time before every action or decision to take off their Mormon-colored glasses (the lenses we use to see the world) and ask themselves: What would a non-Mormon do? Sometimes, we would give ourselves more credit, trust ourselves more, love people more, judge less, feel more fulfilled, find a purpose beyond just becoming someone else's wife or mother, etc. Sometimes, "the world" isn't so bad. Does that make sense?

Kylee said...

I completely agree. I think sometimes that's why I find myself truly happy when my peers are bitter and feel like they are forsaken.