Saturday, February 18, 2012

RE: All Good Things Come In Threes

There is something about trios that makes the world a better place.  Think about it: Wilson & Phillips, Toy Story I, II, III, 3 coins in a fountain, 3 french hens, 3 little pigs, 3 bears in Goldilocks, 3 blind mice, 3 wise men...This is the story of 3 guys who made a difference in my life!

The names of the benefactors will be withheld for their protection. It is important to note that gifts are not my love language so these 3 men went out of their way to be unique and awesome! 

Boyfriend 1 gave me California lemons.  One day he randomly asked me, "Kylee, what is your favorite smell?" I had never been asked that before and had to think for a few minutes. After a while I told him I loved the smell of Lemon Trees in San Diego (where I served my LDS mission) and the smell of Jasmine bushes. He smiled and that was that—or so I thought.  Due to his job he travelled out of state/country a lot. A few weeks later he surprised me with this leaf plate of fresh picked lemons from a tree in California. What an amazing and thoughtful gift!

Note to Self: Take the time to listen and ask great questions and you will find some of the best gifts lie in those answers.

Boyfriend 2 gave me a game and tattoos.  I was on my way to Ghana, West Africa. He wanted to give me something as a farewell gift. He brought over this amazing Safari game that he and his younger brothers/cousins/etc helped him make. There were toy safari animals and paper rivers/lakes, toilet paper holder binoculars, safari-African tattoos, and so much more. It was incredible. It was so cute and took a lot of time.  It was very thoughtful.
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Note to Self: Truly, sometimes the best gifts are handmade.

Boyfriend 3 gave me a park. Well, technically the park isn't mine. It was just a normal day but he knew that things had gotten a little crazy for me at work. We were driving around and then I noticed we were heading to my office. I was curious what we were doing as we drove by the office. Then he stopped the car and lead me to this little park around the corner. We sat on the swings, laughed, talked, and had a blast. He knew I love to swing on swings and they relax me. So he thought it would be good for me to know that anytime I wanted to leave work I could walk around the corner and swing.  I still go there on rough days. The thing is I had worked at my office for almost 4 months and never knew about that park.  I'm grateful he listened, knew what I needed, and gave me that park!

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Note to Self: The best gifts in life are free!

I know for some of you it will be hard but please refrain from asking me why I am not still dating any of these amazing men...instead pay it forward to someone you love!


Tyson Pyle said...

Very nice tribute to three seemingly decent guys.

Heidisan said...

I absolutely LOVED this post. What wonderful advice!