Sunday, May 05, 2013

Baltimore: Day 2

I brought Eden 2 outfits and a pair of shoes for her birthday (late) and she wanted to put them on first things in the morning!

Outfit Number 1
Eden let auntie/tia Kylee braid her hair

Outfit Number 2

While I was in Baltimore they had their yearly Kinetic Sculpture Race and I loved being there to see all the creative sculptures. We watched them go in and out of the Harbor.

Frogger almost sun when it entered the water
Ended up winning fastest sculture
Chelsea really like this one because it was run by foot
"Go Ask Alice" was my favorite

"Eek!" actually won the Grand Prize for 2013
We headed over to "Little Havana" for Cuban food with friends of Chelsea & Mike's

Look what Eden's daddy drew on the wall  for her birthday!

That night Chelsea, Mike, some of their friends, and I went over to Johns Hopkins University to hear one of their friends read a passage from his English MA Thesis. Mike gave me a tour of JHU and it is beautiful. In case you didn't know—it is also where the movie, "The Social Network" is actually filmed.

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