Thursday, May 23, 2013

Washington, D.C Day 4 & 5

I spend the entire first day in D.C. walking around the National Mall and taking in all the monuments and statues. There is really cool App you can get on your phone for FREE that only works when you are inside the Mall and it helps you navigate through everything.

 The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum is my favorite and the entire time all I could think about is how much I would have loved my brother Clay to have been there with me!

 I went to the Native American Museum and I absolutely love the little dolls with the incredible bead work! I also had an amazing scone.

The "other" white house

 Jods took me to "Good Stuff" for lunch and it was epic. I had egg on my burger for the first time in my life and really liked it!

 Jodi, Seth, & I went exploring in old town Virginia. I danced down by the water and then was drawn to some live jazz music. Jodi & Seth indulged me and we went to listen to the jazz in a cigar bar. Seth order crab cakes, we listened to incredible jazz, and it was perfect last night for me in D.C

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